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Dr. Kelly Henry


Dr Kelly Henry's purpose is to serve and help business owners ignite their passion and enthusiasm for exceptional customer service to help them realize their dreams of ultra-business success. Through his straightforward and unique approach, he enhances the functioning of customer service to expand small businesses unleash their true potential.


Dr. Kelly Henry


Do you want to learn to create magical customer experiences?

Business Coaching and Consulting

In my high-energy and focused communication, I will share secrets of optimal customer service and discuss how to improve the service aptitude of employees at all levels by offering the best content, consulting, coaching, and education.

Improved customer service

Increased employee engagement

Improved employee morale

Fewer customer complaints


Dr Kelly Henry is a sought-after business consultant, coach and speaker. He aims to redefine the notion of customer service by helping businesses understand and achieve their customer service goals


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Dr Kelly Henry

Dr Kelly Henry