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“I coach business owners and leaders to utilize exceptional customer service procedures to catapult their business success.”

With an enormous wealth of knowledge of over 20 years, my philosophy is clear: simple actions done consistently generate maximum results.
I truly believe that simple and effective ideas have the power to deliver quality results and create the utmost impact. With these values and approach, my goal is to enhance the functioning of customer service to expand small businesses and unleash their true potential.

I understand that establishing a customer-focused service culture involves dedication and commitment at all levels of the business. Therefore, with a passion for service excellence, I assist companies in improving employee performance and developing customer-focused cultures.
With my passion and experience, I redefine customer service and bring worldwide coaching and consulting to help small businesses achieve their customer service goals seamlessly.

Mission & Vision

Acquiring extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, I aim to help small businesses rapidly grow and profit by improving their customer service procedures and provide extraordinary customer service every day. I want to cultivate this critical idea into a movement that helps businesses make a difference and stand out from their competition.

About Dr. Kelly Henry

As a sought-after business consultant, coach and speaker, Dr. Kelly Henry’s purpose is to serve and help business owners ignite their passion and enthusiasm for exceptional customer service. He not only helps them realize their dreams of ultra-business success but also offers a straightforward and effective philosophy and systems to attain them.

From years of ongoing business study and 20 years of trial and error in running his successful clinics, Dr. Henry brings an extraordinary breadth of knowledge for all businesses. His goal is to devise a successful mindset along with proven procedures to evolve your business and bring it to the top.

Prior to being devoted full-time to consulting and coaching business owners, Dr. Henry thrived in serving his patients and community while building his personal practice into one of the top 5% of clinics in the country. Currently, Dr. Henry resides in Argyle, TX, with his beautiful wife and three fantastic children.

The key to his business success was his perpetual pursuit of exceptional customer service. He practices what he preaches, and as a result, he now speaks on and coaches the same principles that helped him achieve ultra-success, and led him to be one of the premier customer service professional.

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Dr Kelly Henry is a sought-after business consultant, coach and speaker. He aims to redefine the notion of customer service by helping businesses understand and achieve their customer service goals


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Dr Kelly Henry

Dr Kelly Henry